Dìleab: Air a’ Chuan

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Welcome to this one-off performance of Dìleab:air a' Chuan at Celtic Connections 2020! The event will be live streamed on the 17th January from 6:30pm. The event starts at 7:30pm,

Dìleab: Air a’ Chuan Program PDF


The live stream is free and we hope you enjoy it. Due to the fact that it is a live event the speed of your connection could be a factor. If you find your playback is being interrupted/buffering please click the small gear cog in the bottom left corner and drop the image quality to 720 or lower. This will ensure you have great sound and an uninterrupted stream.

This could happen if your connection is not maintaining a high speed. The stream should automatically adjust based on your internet speeds but please follow these steps if required.

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A lovely high quality product and a must have for your music collection! The beautiful Dìleab EP artwork was produced by the Comhairle’s Multimedia Unit and features the lyrics to the five specially commissioned songs alongside photographs taken on the recording day and background information on the Dìleab project. Siuthadaibh, ceannaich e - cha ghabh sibh aithreachas sam bith!